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Dishwashers: beware the chalk

Dishwashers are sensitive to local water types: in this area we have chalky, hard water. As such the only additive required is dishwasher salt (when used with tablets not the old style powder). This along with a regular dishwasher cleaning solution monthly should be all that is required to maximise the life and performance of your dishwasher. There is no need to use rinse aid, but keep that salt compartment filled.

Refrigerators: 3 useful tips

Remove all cardboard boxes as cardboard is an insulator and will make your fridge-freezer work harder.

Keep the drain hole in the fridge compartment clear.

If you need the model details they are usually found behind the veggie boxes.

Ovens: ban the foam

Oven foam cleaners are corrosive to the heating elements. We would advise one of the “liquid/gel” style products that you can apply where required.

You may be surprised to learn that heating elements are considered “consumable items”, and as such they are prone to failure. With pricing starts at £65 inclusive of installation (make and model dependent*) we will get you roasting again in a jiffy.

Washing machines: check that filter

Manufacturers advise that the filter is checked once a month. Most but not all machine will have one and they are usually located behind a visible flap on the plastic kick plate. Have an old towel handy to mop up any residual water.

If you use “daily” or “eco” cycles all the time, you should run a monthly cleaning cycle to counter the build up that leads to destructive mould in the drum and door seal.